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Erica McCoy

I'm in love with the African Shea Butter & the herbs. I'm a customer for life!

Tamara Hall

House of Imhotep provides exceptional products and customer service. I’ve purchased on several occasions and I can literally go on and on with high praises but I’m just happy that I can buy reasonably priced high quality herbs!

Bevelyn O.

House of Imhotep Astragalus root powder is the best!


Heyyyyyyy I love the Mana it is the bomb especially on my face out here where it is cold and dry in this desert!


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House of Imhotep provides a wonderful selection of healing herbs and spices that range from chamomile flowers to wheatgrass powder and everything in between. Here you will find only the freshest teas and powders available online, free of all pesticides, herbicides and irradiation. Be confident in what you put in your body!