Who We Are

House of Imhotep (HOI), a Northern Virginia–based emporium that offers natural healing and alternative health products. Kwame is an herbalist, an author, an entrepreneur, a lecturer, and a media spokesman who promotes the benefits of botanical herbs.

Raised in the rural North Carolina town of Dudley, Kwame saw firsthand in his own family and his community the chronic illnesses and diseases brought on by poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Although the loss of many loved ones was a difficult pill for him to swallow, it fueled his love of natural healing and herbs.

Kwame then studied herbal compounds, alkaline imbalance, and auto-intoxication. His first apprenticeship to nature led to his devotion to learning about New World and Old World recipes and plant cultivation. Thus, a fervent desire to change the health of the world was born in him.

As a young adult, Kwame had cardiac arrhythmia and an intolerance to dairy products. His desire to improve his health led him to explore various diets and remedies. By the age of 22, he was thriving on an organic vegan food diet.

Kwame became his own testament of what can happen when individuals take charge of their life and responsibility for their health! Inspired by his own experience, Kwame began sharing herbal formulas with others, and eventually he launched House of Imhotep. In the beginning, he sold products out of his car trunk, but eventually transitioned online. House of Imhotep is a manufacturer of ethically harvested botanical products, devoted to the intrinsic energetic qualities of herbs. The company is committed to reconnecting people to Earth-based healing practices for vibrant and optimal health.



The Divine Fiat takes a look at herbalism from ancient civilizations to modern times,
exploring the historical medicinal use of herbs by individuals and groups of indigenous
people of color. You can learn things here you never learned in school.

Highlighted throughout this body of work is the proven effectiveness, spiritual
associations, and historical significance of herbs for a people who have not only relied on
them medicinally, but, because of them, have survived and flourished over time.

The Divine Fiat
shines a light on the unsung medicine men and women of the African
Diaspora, giving voice to our ancestors who imparted healing through the use of herbs
and divine guidance. Discover the brilliance, adversities, triumphs, and miraculous
workings of those incredible herbalists—and much more.