The Divine Fiat: Black Excellence in Herbalism

Kwame Vaughn’s vivid and unflinching journey weaving together herbal and medicinal traditions from around the world into a singular cohesive model, this groundbreaking book reveals the hidden history of prominent unsung herbalists of the African diaspora.

The Divine Fiat takes a look at herbalism from ancient civilizations to modern times, exploring the historical medicinal use of herbs by individuals and groups of indigenous people of color. You can learn things here you never learned in school.

Highlighted throughout this body of work is the proven effectiveness, spiritual associations, and historical significance of herbs for a people who have not only relied on them medicinally, but, because of them, have survived and flourished over time. Discover the brilliance, adversities, triumphs, and miraculous workings of those incredible herbalists—and much more.

About the Author

Kwame Vaughn is the founder and the owner of House of Imhotep, a Northern Virginia–based emporium that offers natural healing and alternative health products. Kwame is an herbalist, an author, an entrepreneur, a lecturer, and a media spokesman who promotes the benefits of botanical herbs. Kwame is committed to reconnecting people to Earth-based healing practices for vibrant and optimal health

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