Consultation with Kwame Vaughn

Our integrative therapies are designed to assist in healing and strengthening the mind, body, spirit and emotions of individuals who are living with a chronic illnesses, other day-to-day challenges or simply those that are health conscious inclined and want to continue to maintain vitality.

House of Imhotep can help clients improve your quality of life through personalized assistance including:

Wholefood Alternative Recommendations, Herbal Alternatives to Medication and Personalized Herbal Concoctions that are aimed at restoring and strengthening the whole self-mind, body, spirit and emotions. As a complement to conventional medical care, these therapies can provide real benefits that contribute to the day-to-day health and wellness of each client.

Herbal therapies and recommendations are personalized treatment plans are developed for each individual, based on their particular health needs.

Chronic Conditions:
- High Blood Pressure
- Autoimmune Disorders
- Diabetes
- Cancer
- Obesity

House of Imhotep will assist you with any and all health challenges. Our consulting fee of $120 for 1 hour will include the following:

Definitive guidance on reversing your health challenge. Alternative medical therapies explained in detail and a written summary overview highlighting our 1 hour consultation which also will include self-help tips, House of Imhotep herbal formulas and proper foods to include into your diet to address your specific needs.

To get started on becoming a healthier you, please include the following information as stated below regarding our assistance with your health challenge.

Once you’ve checked out, and have paid shortly afterwards you will receive a client profile questionnaire form via email. Please be sure to complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability and return within 24 hours before your consultation can be conducted. 

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