Miscellaneous Herbal List and Issues

You will find listed below the most common traditional uses for specific herbs. This list of herbs is not intended to self diagnose or prescribe but simply to increase your knowledge of the most novel use of plants and is not a substitute for professional, medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.  All herbs come with precautions use at your own risk!

- A -

Acerola: Aging, respiratory support, immune support, infertility

Agrimony: Type 2 diabetes, jaundice, bladder irritation

Alfalfa: Cancer, diabetes, menopause, nosebleeds

Aloe: Burns, wounds, Crohn's, hangover.

American Ginseng: Blood pressure, diabetes, sex drive, stress

Andrographis: Heart attack, cold, flu, digestive issues

Angelica: Blood pressure, digestive issues, respiratory support

Ajuna: Heart issues, gonorrhea, digestive issues

Artemisia: Infections, UTIs, constipation, diarrhea

Ashwaganda: Memory, sex drive, weight loss, arthritis

Astragalus: Heart concerns, cancer, burns, diabetes

Avena: ADD, eczema, menopause, anxiety

- B -

Barberry: Burns, cuts, gallstones, yeast infections

Bee Pollen: Allergies, hay fever, BPH, prostatitis, cancer

Bilberry: Atherosclerosis, gout, eye health, joints

Birch: Arthritis, PMS, UTIs, warts, cellulite

Bitter Melon: Chronic fatigue, herpes, parasites

Bitter Orange: Digestion, anemia, weight loss.

Black Cohosh: Menopause, PMS, fibroids, infertility

Boswellia: Arthritis, skin health, colitis.

Brahmi: Alzheimer's, ADD, anxiety, IBS

Bromelain: Atherosclerosis, bruises, respiratory, HIV

Burdock: Gout, sciatica, dandruff, liver issues

Butcher's Broom: Carpal tunnel, hemorrhoids, varicose veins

- C -

Cajueiro: Parasites, diabetes

Calendula: Allergies, conjunctivitis, skin issues

California Poppy: Anxiety, restless leg syndrome, inflammation

Cardamom: TB, urinary incontinence, digestion

Catnip: Flu, insomnia, insect repellant, crack for cats

Cat's Claw: Arthritis, bowels, cancer, AIDS, Lyme

Catuaba: HIV/AIDS, impotence, infection

Cayenne: Diabetes, food poisoning, lung cancer, migraine

Chamomile: Allergies, anxiety, diaper rash, eczema

Chaparral: Carpal tunnel, arthritis, HIV, tumors

Chen-Pi: Allergies, digestion, nausea, low blood pressure

Chinese Senega Root: Hangover, seizures, respiratory support

Chiretta: Diabetes, parasites, nausea, digestion

Cinnamon: Fibroids, menstruation, liver cancer, yeast infection

Clove: Bell's Palsy, chronic fatigue, toothache, food poisoning

Codonopsis: Cancer, headache, Lupus, vomiting

Coix: Inflammation, viral infections, mastitis

Coleus: Asthma, Eczema, high blood pressure, antihistamine

Coltsfoot: Bronchitis, cough, pneumonia

Comfrey: Insect bites, rash, eczema, psoriasis, skin tags

Coptis: Cancer, eye disorders, parasites, tuberculosis

Cordyceps: Cancer, cholesterol, tinnitus, exhaustion

Corn Silk: Potassium, urinary support, carpal tunnel

Corydalis: Anxiety, insomnia, restless leg, cataracts

Couch Grass: Bronchitis, laryngitis, kidney stones

- D -

Damiana: Sexual function, depression, menopause, UTI

Dan Shen: Angina, stroke, chronic fatigue, fibroids

Dandelion: Anemia, bladder infections, constipation, indigestion

Devil's Claw: Carpal tunnel, gout, tendonitis.

Dioscorea: Diabetes, high cholesterol, ovarian pain, dysmenorrhea

Dong Quai: Heart attack, high blood pressure, infertility, leukemia

- E -

Echinacea: Acne, infected nails, cancer, Lyme, infections

Elderberry: Asthma, sinusitis, HIV, herpes

Elecampane: Bronchitis, congestive heart failure, parasites, asthma

Ephedra: Weight loss, asthma, colds, flu, allergies

Epimedium: Diarrhea, gonorrhea, high blood pressure, impotence

Espinheira Santa: Pain, arthritis, cancer, gastritis

Eucalyptus: Allergies, cold, cough, respiratory, insect bites, cuts

Eyebright: Conjunctivitis, bloodshot eyes, eye inflammation

- F -

Fennel Seed: Asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, colic, dermatitis

Fenugreek: Liver and pancreas support, diabetes, mastitis

Feverfew: Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, dysmenorrhea

- G -

Garlic: Atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, UTI, strep, yeast infection, ear infection

Gentian: Cataracts, gallstones, indigestion, vision problems

Ginger: All things digestive, allergies, joint pain, cholesterol, morning sickness

Ginkgo: Memory loss, Alzheimer's, depression, ADD, cancer, cataracts, heart issues

Ginseng: Anxiety, cancer, chronic fatigue, cognitive, hangover, impotence

Goldenseal: Heartburn, Meniere's, infections, periodontal disease

Gotu Kola: Memory, cellulite, varicose, wounds, scarring

Green Tea: Asthma, breast cancer, high cholesterol, cirrhosis

Guggul: Acne, congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, obesity

- H -

Hawthorn: Angina, Alzheimer's, arrhythmia, joint issues, ADD, diabetic retinopathy

Ho She Wu: High cholesterol, insomnia, infertility

Hops: Anxiety, insomnia, hormone balance, digestion, weight

Horehound: Bronchitis, cold, sinuses, indigestion

Horse Chestnut: Bruises, cellulite, hemorrhoids, varicose veins

Horsetail: Bone issues, hemorrhoids, bedwetting, emphysema

- I -

Iporuru: Gout, impotence, infertility, high blood sugar

- J -

Jambul: Cancer, diabetes, enlarged spleen, digestion

- K -

Kava: Anxiety, insomnia, restless legs, calming, toothache,etc

Kudzu: Alcoholism, Bell's Palsy, fibrocystic breasts, glaucoma

- L -

Lavender: Anxiety, insomnia, burns, gas, allergies, yeast, skin

Lemon Balm: ADD, heart attack, Graves' disease, herpes, IBS, cold sores

Licorice: Lupus, Meniere's, vitiligo, Lyme, canker sores, Celiac, hepatitis

- M -

Maitake: Chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV, AIDS, cancer, Lyme's

Marshmallow Root: Laryngitis, Crohn's, peptic ulcer, psoriasis, eczema

Mate: Constipation, overweight, cholesterol, PMS

Milk Thistle: Acne, constipation, IBS, hepatitis, gallstones, ovarian cysts

Morinda: Depression, menstrual issues, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive issues

Motherwort: Hyperthyroidism, PMS, headache, congestive heart failure

Muira Puama: Impotence, sex drive, trauma, male pattern baldness

Mullein: Cuts, ear infection, hemorrhoids, respiratory issues, sore throat

Myrrh: Canker sores, gingivitis, strep throat, congestion

- O -

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs): Allergies, ADD, macular degeneration, Parkinson's

Olive Leaf: Fibromyalgia, herpes, heart disease, high blood pressure, yeast infection, ets

Oregon Grape Root: Acne, allergic rashes, eczema, psoriasis, gastritis

Osha: Arthritis, carpal tunnel, respiratory issues, flu, sinusitis

- P -

Papain: BPH, bruises, sprains, soreness, Celiac, shingles

Passionflower: High blood pressure, anxiety, thyroid cancer, insomnia

Pau D'Arco: Ringworm, boils, parasitic infection, yeast infection

Peppermint: Digestion, food poisoning, colic, motion sickness, headaches, IBS

Prickly Ash: Circulatory disorders, gallstones, parasites, roundworms, cramping, vomiting

Prunella: Herpes, HIV/AIDS, liver, gallstones, hypertension

Psoralea: Cancer, psoriasis, vitiligo, bone and joint health, eczema, hair loss

Psyllium: Bronchitis, pneumonia, Crohn's, IBS, heart disease

Pygeum: Benign prostate hypertrophy, prostate cancer, inflammation

- Q -

Quercetin: Allergies, emphysema, hives, viral infections, cataracts, Celiac, migraines

- R -

Raspberry Leaf: Bed-wetting, burns, sore throat, PMS, women’s health, morning sickness

Reishi: Cirrhosis, bronchitis, fibroid, high blood pressure, alcoholism

Rooibos: Allergies, HIV, stress, insomnia, restless leg syndrome

Rosemary: Alzheimer's, circulatory issues, sore muscles, IBS, menstrual cramps

- S -

Sarsaparilla: Eczema, psoriasis, gout, menopause, sex drive, circulation

Saw Palmetto: HIV, AIDS, menopause, prostate cancer, anti-inflammatory

Schisandra: Depression, cancer, excessive sweating, skin cancer

Schizonepeta: Boils, mastitis, fever, infections, sore throat

Scutellaria: Asthma, pneumonia, anxiety, mono, pelvic inflammatory disease, hangover

Shepherd's Purse: Menstrual problems, nosebleeds, inflammation, retina health, uterine issues

Shiitake: Cancer, chronic fatigue, Lyme, macular degeneration, high cholesterol

Siberian Ginseng: liver detox, mumps, Lyme, tuberculosis, viral infections

Slippery Elm: Crohn's, digestion, inflammation, respiratory

Snow Fungus: High cholesterol, atherosclerosis, cervical cancer

St. John's Wort: Breast cancer, depression, burns, Crohn's, abrasions, mastitis, insomnia

Stinging Nettle: Allergies, hay fever, anemia, sex drive, Lupus

- T -

Tea tree (Melaleuca): Acne, athlete's foot, ringworm, boils, insect bites, dandruff, yeast

Thyme: Allergies, cough, athlete's foot, respiratory issues

Tilden Flower: Cold, flu, immune support, headache, migraines, indigestion, fever, epilepsy

Turmeric: Eczema, pain, tendinitis, bursitis, heart attack, indigestion, halitosis

- U -

Uva Ursi: Diuretic, bladder infections, UTI, kidney disease, prostatitis

- V -

Valerian: Anxiety, insomnia, menopause, IBS, indigestion, stress

Varuna: Kidney stones, urinary tract infections, BPH

Vitex: PMS, menopause, hormone balancing, acne, endometriosis, infertility, dysmenorrhea

- W -

Walnut Leaf: Acne, eczema, ringworm, sweating, skin parasites, cancer, constipation

Wild Angelica: Diabetes, weight loss, bone health, disinfectant, circulation

Willow Bark: Dry mouth, headache, osteoarthritis, toothache, pain

Wintergreen: Carpal tunnel, joint health, pain, toothache

Witch Hazel: Burns, cold sores, stings, Eczema, varicose veins, skin health

- Y -

Yarrow: Vision, bruises, pain, cold, flu, immune support, inflammation

Yohimbe: Impotence, sex drive