Blackseed Oil vs HIV

It is widely known that in theory "HIV" may be considered one of the deadliest viral diseases to have been allowed to plague this planet, but what is far worse is that most patients with this disease never die from the actual disease itself, but usually from opportunistic fungal infections associated. Not to mention the result of dangerous medical drugs (anti-retroviral therapy or HAART) that impair the patients immune system to fight off the infection. I'm sure we personally know at least one person that has quickly succumb to the perilous effects.

But Mother Nature beholds a treasure trove of all-natural healing for several diseases and illnesses, which is why it is no surprise to find that Nigella Sativa, better known as “Black Seed Oil” or “Black Cumin Seed,” is breaking the mold when it comes to "HIV" treatment. Black Seed is an ancient healing seed known for its powerful healing properties as it relates to "deadly viral infections" that is not only safe, but accessible and economical.

In August of 2013, an article was published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine that detailed a study of a African patient with "HIV" that underwent treatment using black seed extract. Doctors administered a black seed concoction of 10mls twice a day for six months in this patient that exhibited (and had a history of): Diarrhea, Numerous Long-Lasting Papular Lesions, Weight Loss, and Chronic Fever.

As a result of this treatment, the patient experienced vast reductions in viral load and significant improvement in symptoms. When testing was done on the patient 187 days after the start of the black seed treatment, the outcome was astounding. This testing reflected a reading of “zero-negative status” or in simpler terms,  the patient’s blood had been entirely cleared of all signs of infection. It was also documented by the practitioners treating the patient that during and long after (24 months) the black seed therapy, testing showed that: 

There was no detectable HIV Virus or antibodies were found in the blood serum.

This is a remarkable and groundbreaking discovery! The pure, unadulterated fact is that besides Black Seed there are many other anti-"HIV" fighters out there such as Bittermelon, Pau D'Arco, Pao Pereira, Wild Oregano Oil, Graviola etc., have all been confirmed to hold anti-"HIV" properties. It is long overdue that we as a people seek out the natural healing tonics and properties that grow from this very planet we call home. Black Seed oil and the many anti-"HIV" fighters mentioned can bring healing into your life. Lastly, let's not forget the importance of a balanced and proper diet to fight a virus such as "HIV".

For more information and assistance with any health challenge, herbal supplements, or health consultations, visit 'Consulting' link. Restore your faith in trusting nature has an answer for all that you my be facing, making this planet a healthier and happier place for all desiring to take their own lives and health into their own hands. We can heal from any and all health challenges and start to live again.

Thank you for reading!



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