Boosting Immunity with Elderberry

Summer just began and many are asking a question usually reserved for the cooler months.
“How can I boost my immune system?”

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still underway and many public places beginning to open, it’s understandable to want more than external protection. While, there are still many unknowns with the coronavirus, one thing is for sure: boosting your immune system is ALWAYS a good idea!

Most of the information being shared during this time centers around external prevention and avoiding contaminating yourself and others. These methods are necessary, however, not much is being shared on how to prevent viral infections, or how to do it naturally.

Thankfully, Mother Nature has supplied us with many antiviral plants to choose from. Elderberry is one such plant that has been used to treat the flu and viral infections for centuries.

Elderberry, also known as sambucus nigra, is a berry that grows on the European Elder tree. Variations of this tree are common in both Europe and Northern Africa, and North America. Native Americans used the plant for a myriad of medicinal purposes, including colds and viruses.

One study found that elderberry has a ‘mild inhibitory effect’ on the early stages of the influenza virus, with an even stronger inhibitory effect in the ‘post-infection stage’. Another study discovered that elderberries are effective against 10 strains of influenza virus. Its effectiveness has been compared to those of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and amantadine.

The most promising research on elderberries shows that it may have an inhibitory effect on COVID-19 while boosting the immune system. There is still more to find out about this virus, but the initial studies on elderberries are positive.

For such a small fruit, they pack a nutrient-rich punch! Elderberries are high in A, C, iron, calcium, and anthocyanins (a potent antioxidant), and many other immune-boosting nutrients. They are an excellent source of fiber if eaten as well.

With the coronavirus still lurking around, please take the necessary precautions to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community healthy. Adding elderberries to your immune-boosting, antiviral fighting arsenal is one of the best things you can do.

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