Eating Organic vs Non Organic

Over the past decade, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs has gained popularity because of the health benefits it affords consumers. However, while many people really want to eat organically, most complain how expensive it is and continue to purchase foods that are wrought with harmful pesticides and poisons. The poisons that I speak of can have a detrimental effect upon your health inflicting you with costly diseases and disorders.

It is of the utmost importance that one take a broadened look at the long term benefits of eating organically. Yes, eating organic foods will costs more money on the front end, but it will save you tens of thousands of dollars on the backend. This is because when you consume organic foods, it heightens your health in every aspect, therefore equating to substantially less monies spent on doctor bills, illnesses, medication, insurance, time off from work, and the overall maintenance of your vitality. Eating organic today for better health in the future will definitely save you money in the end, but it may also save your life. 

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