House of Imhotep Proudly Introduces Mana Shea Butter Herbal Infusion

We are proud to introduce our very first product in a line of natural herbal skincare products that nurture the body. Mana is an exclusive infusion of the finest Shea Butter, Red Clover, Aloe, and Neem Oils that bestow upon its user a vast variety of healing benefits. Whether you have dry itchy skin from rashes, eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions or acne, Mana will provide the healing relief you need to reveal your natural glow and beautify your skin within.

In ancient texts, Mana was a magical food that was nourishing and delicious. House of Imhotep’s Mana is somewhat of a “food” for the skin with natures most effective anti-bacterial herbs and anti-microbial oils that destroy the growth of bacterial microorganisms that cause conditions known today as acne, eczema, and a host of other skin related break-outs. Mana will grant you the magic of relief in soothing irritation and inflammation of the skin naturally bringing balance, harmony, and healing. 

Healthy skin is a reflection of your inner-health, in fact the largest organ throughout the human body is the skin. Our skin is always communicating to us the state of our internal health and the necessary nutritional needs that the body demands. Mana's all-natural active ingredients are high in important fatty acids and Vitamin E nutrients that work to rejuvenate the skin's cells and restore elasticity.

Today is the day to introduce your skin to another level of indulgence and love. Mana is formulated for Men, Women, and Children. Mana is just an introduction to a complete line of products sold exclusively by House of Imhotep formulated by Kwame Vaughn that will renew, rejuvenate, and beautify the skin you're in!   

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patricia miller

Gd day…I am so waiting for Mana to be available to order/purchase…Is it going to be available soon? Thanks









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