Nature’s Secret

Isn’t it funny that out of all of the inhabitants on the planet, human beings are the only ones who actually pay to live on Earth? For the most part, our egos lead us to believe that somehow the animals, insects, and plants are lesser than our own existence. That we have nothing to learn from them. If so, this is truly a sad perspective because in nature we can unlock core mysteries that apply to our own health and survival.

Have you ever seen late night infomercials asking for funds to help find a cure for cancer in wild tigers? What about raising funds for African elephant obesity? I say these things in jest, but also so that you may see how the wild animals of this planet do not suffer from what are now call ‘common diseases’ and ailments such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc. This is because they eat according to how nature proscribed. On the flipside, it is such a coincidence that our domesticated pets now more than ever suffer from the same exact ailments as humans do. The differences between these two scenarios is that wild animals eat naturally derived foods while humans and domesticated animals consume large quantities of processed foods that have been scientifically proven to have devastating effects on your health. It has also been well documented that wild animals heal themselves naturally with plants and herbs, while most choose toxic prescription drugs. From Chimpanzees in Tanzania to Elephants and wildlife all around the world, not only do many animals know which plant they require, they also know which part of the plant they should use, and how they should ingest it.

Wild animals don’t rely on industrially produced synthetic drugs to cure their illnesses; the medicines they require are available in their natural habitant, in which we have access to hundreds upon thousands of herbs as well. While wild animals instinctively know how to heal themselves, humans have all but forgotten this knowledge because of our lost connection with nature. Many have prescribed to allopathic concepts that in it’s earliest existence purposely divided “mind” and ”body” concepts of healing that focus on individual organs and parts of the body. Anything in operation of nature is predicated on a one-whole concept, meaning despite things may visually appear separate; in essence it is all interconnected in one way or another. In moving forward, let us embrace our natural god given birthright with nature and all of its inhabitants because there is much that can be learned from it to help humans evolve into a healthier society.

Thank you for reading!

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