Telltale Signs of the Tongue

I am sure you have heard the term that, “the power of life and death lies within the tongue…”

This statement is true on so many levels. The very tool in which you use to communicate and eat holds many answers to your health and well-being. This is in no way news, Traditional Chinese doctors and dating back even further to ancient Kemet (Egypt) along with the great Imhotep diagnosed and treated hundreds of diseases by using the tongue as sort of a map to foresee various medical conditions. It is like insight into your internal organs. For example:

The back of the tongue = Kidney Health, the sides of the tongue = Liver Health, and the tip of the tongue = Heart Health.

The tongue can signal all kinds of malfunctions in the body pertaining to, but not limited to: Vitamin deficiency, digestive disorders, anemia, high cholesterol, poor circulation etc. A healthy tongue is smooth, vibrant, pink, and moist. Factors such as the coating, texture, and coloring can also be used as an indicator of physical unrest within the body.

Coating Indicators

No Coating

If there is no coating upon your tongue, then this is a sign of dysfunction in your digestive system.

Thick Coating

This is an indicator that can be damaging to your taste buds and cause you to have bad breath if left untreated. If the coating appears thick and white, this could very well be candidiasis or oral thrush.

Texture Indicators


Yes, tongues can get pretty hairy in the right conditions and is an indicator that you may be experiencing a bacterial infection known as filiform papillae which are tiny projections that give the tongue a hairy appearance.

Red Spots

Red spots is not a good sign and can indicate a plethora of medical problems including asthma, eczema, various allergic reactions, or even a bioflavonoid deficiency.


Dry mouth can be the result of taking medication or it can mean that your body is producing too much mucus.  To counter this, decrease your intake of sugary and/or dairy products. Stress can also cause your mouth to be dry.  Yoga, meditation, and even lemon water can alleviate this indicator.


These painful boogers occur when we become too stressed. Stress in any form has detrimental effects upon the body. Find a practice that is centering, grounding, and distressing to avoid ulcers.


If your tongue swells, then make a b-line to the hospital ASAP! This is because a swollen tongue is usually an indication of an allergic reaction to something and can be deadly if left untreated.

Color Indicators

Yellow (pale)

A tongue this hue can be an indicator for a number of issues such as fatigue, or problems with the colon, lungs, or hemoglobin.

Bright Red

If your tongue is bright red then you need vitamins, my friend.  This redness is caused by a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients. 


If you open your mouth and your tongue looks like a Chow-Chow’s tongue then you may be suffering from high cholesterol, chronic bronchitis, or poor circulation.

So go to the mirror and say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” to get a glimpse into your health. Lastly, make brushing your tongue a daily practice because it deserves just as much attention as those choppers of yours. Use your tongue as your road map to health today and experience higher heights of your well-being tomorrow!

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