The Real Origins of Modern Medicine Unveiled in Ancient History

After many years of misconceptions, historians have revealed that the roots of medicine lie in Africa. Egyptian Father of Medicine, or more commonly, Imhotep, was the first figure of a medical physician. Hippocrates, known as the Greek Father of modern medicine was undoubtedly a devotee of Imhotep. The real origins of modern medicine can be traced 1,000 - 2,200 years before Hippocrates.

Today, classic scholars have found that during ancient times, the Egyptians practiced a very credible form of medicine and pharmacy. They were familiar with the position and functions of the stomach, the lungs, and other vital organs. These practices were not only comparable to today’s pharmaceutical drugs, but that the medicines employed by the Egyptians were supremely beneficial and therapeutic. There is evidence that Egyptians, and Imhotep diagnosed and treated hundreds of diseases. They also could detect disease by the shape, color, and condition of visible parts of the body, as the skin, hair, nails, and tongue. Even today, in the undercurrent of modern day medicine there is the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. 

The World’s First Doctor:

With the advances in technology and the ease of access to information, more and more people are discovering a side of history that is unknown to them. A history that has been purposely co-conspired against. A history that extended that of dates given in any history class taken in educational establishments in society.  

The world’s first physician was named Imhotep. Imhotep does not only hold the records for the first physician, but he was also a sage, poet, architect, astrologist, and priest to the second king of Egypt’s third dynasty, Doser who reigned until 2611BC.

Imhotep’s wisdom and talents flourished in so many areas and has paved the way towards a natural way of medicating and healing. Although not confirmed, Imhotep was believed to have authored the Edwin Smith Papyrus. In his lifetime, he even went on to start the very first school of medicine in Memphis. Imhotep laid the foundation and created a blueprint of what we know as medicine and healing.

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