Five Reasons To Stop Eating Red Meat Immediately

By: Eretta Mentor

Red meat is a mass commodity in our country, with American companies producing over 26 billion pounds of red meat every year. This country’s obsession with a big heart steak is driven by generations of past time, while this one slowly begins to reconsider the effects of meat consumption on the environment and ones health.

About a year ago I slowly began to transition out of the culture habit of consuming large amounts of red meat. The decision was not made with my conscience in mind, but as I began to discover more holistic ways of living and got in tune with my body and its needs, red meat naturally got the ax. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. HORMONES: The entire meat industry is driven by hormones. Unless you’re growing
your own meat farm or go the more expensive organic route, your meat is pumped full
of harmful hormones, the effects of which on human beings is slowly beginning to be
seen in larger amounts.

2. SODIUM: More than any other meat source found on the plates of flexitarians, red meat
contains large amounts of sodium which can skyrocket the blood pressure over time and
is linked to many heart conditions. Switch out the pork for lower sodium options such as
chicken breast or wild fish.

3. BODY ODOR: Red meat makes you stink? HUH? The answer is YES. Your body chemistry is a precious chain of events and every thing you consume will find it’s way OUT
eventually. The amino acids in red meat leave a residue in your digestive track that can
eventually cause sweating and intense body odor. With the science on manufactured
deodorants pointing to some scary conclusions, cutting red meat is an easier fix.

4. OBESITY: Red meat contains intensely high levels of fat compared to their white
counterparts. With such high fat contents and the risk of hormones there is little
wonder why so many studies connect the consumption of red meat to weight gain and
difficulty with eventual weight loss.

5. ANTI ANTI-OXIDANTS: Red meat contains very little anti oxidants, which are necessary
to keep our cells and our entire body healthy. The goal here is to increase our levels of
anti oxidants and red meat instead may depress them or cause them to stay the exact
same. It’s actively working against the health of your body!

In truth, the body needs to be cared for, and our diets is one of the primary way we can help our body's function at it’s optimal level. By replacing red meat with healthier and lighter options you can get the protein the body needs without all the other stuff that it doesn’t. Consider swapping it out for fresh fish and caged-free organic chicken. Let's also keep in mind the bountiful plant protein options such as: Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, and Wheatgrass.