The Bitter Truth About Sugar

By: Arron Muhammad

The solution that uses pork by-products (blood albumin and/or animal charcoal), to whiten the sugar. Now a few words about the largest drug addition in the world, refined (white) sugar. Let me start by saying that it (white refined sugar) has no food value and contains no nutritional value. White sugar is considered an empty carbohydrate, no value! Whenever I mentioned sugar throughout this article. I'm speaking of white refined sugar.

In the process of making sugar from both cane and beets, they are heated and calcium hydroxide (lime), which is a toxin to the body, is added. This is done to remove those ingredients that interfere with the complete processing of sugar. Carbon dioxide, which is another toxin, is then used to remove the lime (and according to my studies, not all is removed).

The sugar turns from a sticky black substance to a clear juice which is heated to remove other impurities. And if that's not enough, the sugar is then bleached white with a chemical solution that uses pork by-products (blood albumin and/or animal charcoal). The sugar is processed at least three times before it's in the form that we would normally use and by that time it no longer resembles a food and is now a drug and an artificial substance.

The chemicals used in sugar processing (phosphoric acid, acid calcium phosphate and others) are potent and health-debilitating. Sugar has a tremendous amount of carbonic acid which disturbs the nutritional balance in the body. Sugar robs the body of almost all nutrients, especially the minerals chromium, zinc and calcium, and vitamins C and B-complex.

The small intestine pushes the waste along and most importantly releases the nutrients in the food to give us energy and nourish cells. But when we eat sugar, digestion is disturbed. Consequently, the amount of food nutrients available to the body are limited. In addition to this, sugar is released into the blood. Sugar destroys food digestion enzymes in the mouth, stomach, the small intestines and the pancreas. It also reduces the amount of hydrochloric acid (a necessary digestive acid) in the stomach. Without enough hydrochloric acid the food isn't broken down properly.

The body really desires nutrition. Cravings are symptomatic of this. The body wants food to give it nutrition. When you give empty foods it still craves nutrition which is one reason people gain weight. The other reasons are addictions to certain foods (e.g. sugar, salt, caffeine, etc.) and the lack of exercise. Sugar moves very slowly out of the stomach. This toxifies the blood and puts too much carbon in it which further damages the body cells. Since there is no real nutrition in sugar, it represents a toxic waste material in the blood that the body will try to get rid of.

The lymphatic system will grab some of this waste in an attempt to purify the blood. When the lymphatic system becomes overloaded, health problems occur, which could have been avoided. Too much sugar, salt, and starch can work together to create an excessive appetite. These food cravings create an imbalance in the body.

Such diseases as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and others are the results of eating excessive amounts of sugar, which is highly acidic to the body. Americans consume more than 125 pounds of sugar annually! And they may not be aware of it. That's because sugar is hidden in many foods such as cereals, ketchup, canned foods, frozen foods, etc.

In fact almost 70 percent of the sugar that we consume is hidden in foods. For instance, a typical 12-ounce soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. The typical candy bar is almost all sugar. Why even pizza has a considerable amount of sugar in it. The sweetness of the pizza is hidden by putting in a lot of salt and other ingredients which give a semi-sweet taste.