D3 for Kids

Our Vitamin D3 is an organic vitamin D supplement that contains cholecalciferol — the biologically active form of vitamin D your body produces when exposed to sunlight. Derived from lichen, it’s a plant-based, vegan-friendly formula that’s perfect for children with vitamin D deficiency or in need of vitamin D during certain times of the year. A lack of Vitamin D can lead to depression, bone loss, muscle pain and much more. Experts agree that vitamin D is essential for good health and wellness. Since foods containing natural vitamin D are rare, we provided a way for you to meet your child’s daily vitamin D requirements

  • Supports Strong Bones
  • Stimulates the Brain
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Discourages calcium buildup in arteries and soft tissue
  • Studies have shown vitamin D may play a role in preventing everything from cardiovascular disease to cancer, diabetes, and depression

1 drops once per day, or as directed by your  healthcare professional

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