Certified Organic

HSV-Ease is formulated with botanicals designed to help strengthen your immune system’s ability to avert and combat HSV/herpes simplex virus. 

The Organic and Selectively Imported herbs in our HSV-Ease formula all possess immune simulating properties.  Our proprietary blend consists of Neem herb, Fresh St. John’s Wort Flowering herb, Licorice root, and Turmeric

Generally: 30 drops, 1 to 3 times per day in water

Acute: 60-90 drops, 3 times per day in water


This formula is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, nor children.

Additionally, one should avoid eating foods that tend to exacerbate herpes outbreaks such as L-arginine amino acid, typically found in nuts, seeds, oats, peas, orange juice and chocolate.  Converting to a plant-based diet has been known to be beneficial for optimal health and wellness because you’ll be providing your body with the purest form of vital nutrients. 

To further enhance your immunity you can also avoid excessive meat, dairy products, alcohol, tobacco, salt, and sugar. Increase daily exercise when possible. Increase rest and relaxation as the immune system needs rest to strengthen to combat viruses and bacteria


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