Immune Defense Combo

Our Super Immune Defense combination of natural Vitamin C (Camu Camu Powder), Zinc (Elderberry Umckaloabo) is created to support your immune defenses, sinus health (Sinus Blaster Spray), and for overall support of the body’s immune defenses (Echinacea Goldenseal) throughout the entire year. Weaponize your medicine cabinet and aid your bodily defenses against the many seasonal  allergies, viruses, and common illnesses with herbs traditionally used to protect and strengthen your immune system. This is the ideal combo for the cold winter months, springtime, or for general use! Give your immunity a head start!


1 oz Sinus Blaster Spray

60 Liquid Caps Echinacea Goldenseal

4 oz Zinc (Elderberry Umckaloabo) 

4 oz Camu Camu Powder

4 oz Ginger Root Powder

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