Whole Irish Moss - Wildcrafted - 8oz

Origin: Belize

Like most seaweeds, Irish moss is very high in mineral content. The most important of these micronutrients is iodine. A very small portion of Irish moss provides well over the adult recommended daily intake of iodine, which is vital for proper thyroid functioning, brain, nervous system and energy production. Irish moss is also rich in carotene, vitamin C and vitamin B12 which is seldom found in land plants. It has been used to support eye/bone health, detox from heavy metals, anemia, and much more!

Can be made into a gel or used in smoothies, parfaits, mousse, pies, ice cream, nut or seed milks. Rinse and clean well and soak 4 to 24 hours rinsing as much as possible. T
he Moss will turn a creamy white to translucent color and will double in volume.

It is now ready to blend up with a little liquid until smooth and creamy. Store in fridge to use as needed. Can be stored for approximately two weeks in the fridge. Do not use on a daily basis for more than 2 weeks at a time, taking a week break before using again.

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